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Travelling with your pet


Deciding whether to take you pet abroad can be a big decision, there are many things to consider:

- Risk of exotic diseases and parasites

- Stress of travelling

- Extreme climate changes you pet won't be used to

- Necessity for veterinary examinations and treatments before return to UK

- Costs


The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) most recently changed the rules regarding pet travel to bring the UK into alignment with Europe. The most up to date information is available on the DEFRA website: www.defra.gov.uk/pets

Please remember that you are responsible for ensuring your pet meets the rules for re-entering the UK so always check before you travel.


As of January 1st 2012 for entry to the UK:

- Your pet will need an identichip and appropriate documentation (passport)

- Your pet will be able to travel 21 days after rabies vaccination

- There is no longer a strict requirement to have a rabies blood test or 6 month wait if travelling from an EU member state or 'listed' Third country. Pets from 'unlisted' Third countries will need a rabies blood test and 3 month wait before entry, the blood test must be at least thirty days after vaccination.

- Tick treatment 24-48h before embarkation is not mandatory but remains strongly advised

- Tapeworm treatment is required 1-5 days (24-120 hours) before schedules entry to the UK (except if travelling directly from Malta, Finland or Ireland)

- Leishmania vaccination (dogs only): while not a mandatory requirement this is a very important precaution to consider for this potentially fatal and difficult to treat disease. Vaccination can begin from 6 months of age and involves an initial course of 3 injections each 3 weeks apart followed with annual boosters. (more information at www.virbac.co.uk)


Please note: These requirements are always subject to change so it is very important to keep up to date with the DEFRA website.